Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Refinishing a Baby Crib

I change my mind like I change my, umm.... socks lol. The never-ending inspiration that I see everyday is cause for the reason that I so often re-decorate and change up the scheme of "everyday". I've always been this way - always will!  I think it's exciting to create a new look, or feel for just pennies... My little lady's room was originally decorated with black furniture and polka dots, cupcakes, etc... Mind you, this was just last year haha. My new vision........ Pastels, super-girly, SUPER CUTE! This means that the black furniture HAS TO GOOOO!!! Step one was finding a new dresser... Everything was so expensive (To me, at least), generic in appearance and made with cheap material. No dice... No dice AT ALL! I decided to search the local craigslist ad in hopes of finding a used piece that could be transformed into an amazingly unique treasure for an amazingly unique little girl... Within minutes I came across a shorter (which is what I wanted - due to little climbers lol) dresser for only $30.00.... Beat that, IKEA! My next adventure is a total crib make-over... I have compiled a list of "Baby-Safe" paint and a step-by-step guide to the entire re-painting process for you to use :)

**I am re-painting a totally safe, non-recalled crib in PERFECT condition. I would advise you to NOT purchase a used crib unless you are certain that is 110% safe for your child. There have been may recalls and safety issues concerning baby cribs. Please look into this... This tutorial is not designed to spruce up an out-dated crib, just to refresh your already fabulous baby room**

How to SAFETLY paint a baby crib:

List of BABY SAFE paint:

And my favorite...

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